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Saturday, September 5, 2009

You Won’t Get Rich But You’ll Feel Better

We just came back from a trip to Royal Oak Recycling’s new facility in White Lake Township at 10320 Highland Road. Residents in neighboring communities can recycle a variety of items including: newspapers, magazines, office paper, soft and hard cover books, plastic bottles and jugs, cans of all sorts, shredded paper, cardboard, metals, computers, TVs, computer monitors, printers and appliances.

You can visit their website at . Or, you can call them at 248-387-5555.

For most items, Royal Oak Recycling (ROR) currently pays 1 and ½ cents per pound. There is a charge for computer monitors and TVs of $ 0.30 per pound. Ferrous metals such as iron and steel have no value but can be recycled. For non-ferrous metals, you can ask the sales representative for the current price per pound.

ROR does not accept glass of any kind, Styrofoam, batteries or any chemicals or paints.

When you arrive at their facility, drive onto the scale and tell the agent what you have to recycle. They will then direct you to the proper unloading dock. When finished, return to the scale where the agent will pay you for the items you brought.

We cleaned out our garage of newspapers, shredded documents, plastic containers and cans as well as an old printer.

We made a total of $ 1.50! It wasn’t much, but our house is less cluttered and we feel good about doing our part for the environment!


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