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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Best Investment You Will Ever Make

It’s early on Christmas morning (very early) and I’m sitting here at my computer writing this blog. What am I doing? I hadn’t planned to write anything today. Where are my priorities? Yet, as it seems to happen more and more as I age, I woke up early with a thought in my mind that I couldn’t get rid of. My mind went into overdrive and I finally realized I wasn’t going back to sleep. So here I am sharing my thoughts with our readers.

Yesterday was a Christmas Eve day to remember. With our children now married, my wife and I are now often by ourselves on Christmas Eve. Yesterday, I helped my wife with some cooking in the morning and then we wrapped all the presents together. We planned a couple stops on the way to an early dinner out at one of our favorite restaurants.

We stopped to see two elderly acquaintances, one who lived alone and one recuperating from a recent accident. We were so happy we did, as they seemed to truly appreciate our visits.

A couple of years ago, in Florida just before Christmas, we decided to have a brunch for many of the people who lived in our condo. The association used to have a Christmas party but no longer sponsored one. So we decided to organize one. We were so happy we did, as many of the seniors really seemed to appreciate being able to get together.

The point of all this is that we write our three blogs every week focused on you and your money, your finances, your retirement, your insurance, and so on. Today, we wanted to write about “your time” instead of “Your Money” as this blog is titled. An investment of just a little bit of your time in others yields a huge return.

Christmas is a time of giving. It doesn’t matter what religion you practice. There’s a lesson for all from the example of the tradition of giving at Christmas. Everyone has been through a lot the last couple of years. People have lost their jobs or their homes. Yet, no matter how bad off one is there are others worse off. Many of you have likely already given of your time and resources to others in need. But if you haven’t, we hope that maybe you’ll take a moment to think of a lonely neighbor, someone in the hospital or someone unfortunate that you read about in the paper.

A small investment of a few minutes of your time will yield great benefits to you personally. It will be the best investment you ever made!


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